Effect of Air Conditioning on Energy Bills

The Effect of Air Conditioning on James’s Energy Bills?

James is the owner of multiple businesses located in and around the greater London area. He had been relying on central heating boiler to services his properties and offices.

Though after hearing about the prominent benefits of air-conditioning for heating, cooling and dehumidifying, he approached us “Be Cool Refrigeration” to design, supply, install and maintain the air-conditioning systems in his properties and offices.

After few months, we caught up with James to find out the effect of using air-conditioning over the conventional boiler systems. He welcomed us with smile and explained “My energy bill has fallen by 45% saving me a lot of money which I now re-invest in my business and use to improve my properties”. He also added “I am full of delight because I can operate them throughout the year for heating and cooling without worrying about the energy bill or the burden of heavy maintenance”.

This meant “more saving and more free cash”.