Benefit of Inverter Air Conditioning

Inverter air conditioning

Air-conditioning is currently a necessity in climate control. Whether it is used for domestic or commercial sector it is more conventional mean for heating and cooling a space.

Inverter air conditioning is the emerging technology of today as it the benefits out weight the cost of installation. Arguably is it more expensive than non-inverter air conditioning but with the ever-increasing energy demand and increase in energy costs, it is an investment worth the extra few pounds.

So, what are the benefits of an inverter air conditioning in comparison with the conventional non-inverter air conditioning?

  • Consumes less energy and is 35% – 50% cheaper to operate
  • 30% Shorter start-up time i.e. desired temperature is achieved quicker
  • Lower level of noise and therefore the local authority will grant planning permission
  • Increased comfort level because of consistent power output
  • Low Carbon Dioxide emission- A substantial impact in achieving Higher Energy Performance