Different Types of Refrigeration Systems

A cold room is essential to many industries, when small or even large refrigeration units don’t suffice, cold rooms provide you with the ideal solution. Especially if you need maximum storage capacity and have a business that deals with heaps of produce.

What Various Types of Cold Room Refrigeration Systems?

When seeking to install a Cold Room it is a necessity to understand the different type of cold room refrigeration systems and their feature in order to fulfill your business requirements. So the fundamental principle behind each system are:

Remote Refrigeration Systems – The evaporator unit is installed inside the walk in room, while the condenser unit is placed outside the building. The primary advantage of this system is that heat is discharged outside hence performance is maximised.

Top Mount Refrigeration Systems – This system is ideal for small to medium sized business such as restaurants or local stores. The design utilises the space in an efficient manner to maximise storage space. Moreover, this system is optimised to hold low temperature levels, even after long hours to preserve produce.    

Penthouse Refrigeration Systems – A Penthouse refrigeration systems are more expensive than a conventional system however it is certainly a cost-effective solution to protect produce. The system design offers optimum storage space and facilities maintenance.

Saddle Mount Refrigeration System – The systems are pre-assembled and is installed on top of the wall panel. on a bracket. The refrigeration system is to be installed by a qualified engineer.

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F-Gas, What Do You Need to Know as a Client?

There is a growing concern in the level of awareness of operator F-Gas legislation. Thus, at Be Cool Refrigeration we feel it is our duty to raise awareness and ensure our customers are in-compliance with the legislation.

What is F-Gas regulation?

This regulation seeks to limit the emissions of the SF6, PFCs and HFCs. HFCs are used for refrigeration and air-conditioning systems and are in many organisation including both the commercial and domestic sector.

Who is the operator?

In accordance to the EU F-Gas regulation, “Operator means the natural or legal person exercising actual power over the technical functioning of the equipment and systems covered by this Regulation”. It is therefore the legal duty of the OWNER. The owner may seek to contract a maintenance contract for regular service check and at Be Cool Refrigeration we provide a complete package tailored to our client’s needs.

The operators’ responsibilities in complying with F-Gas regulation?

All operators of systems that use refrigerants containing F gases, must comply with the obligations in the EU F gas Regulation which is applicable to the system they operate as detailed below:


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Air Conditioning Maintenance

Be Cool Refrigeration is a one stop shop for all your air conditioning needs. We provide a reliable air conditioning maintenance service in London and neighbouring areas.

Our fully qualified engineer will seek to ensure that your systems are in a fully working order for you to continue in business, whether we’ve installed your system or not.

Our services include:

  • Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) Contracts – Ensuring your systems operate at maximum potential
  • Repairs – In the event failure occur or any under-performance our team will inspect, advice and carryout the repair work
  • Reactive Maintenance
  • Inspection of Electric Cabling
  • Filter Cleans
  • Leak Checks
  • Drainage Checks
  • Chemical Cleans
  • Inspect of Insulation and Pipework
  • Full Service Reports – A report detailing the inspection result and advising on any potential faults.

We work with all make and models in the market and this includes:

  • Daikin
  • Mitsubishi Electric or Heavy Industries
  • Toshiba
  • Hitachi
  • Panasonic
  • LG
  • Airedale

A Man Caught Clinging on to an Air Conditioning

A man has been caught on camera clinging on to an air conditioning unit after climbing out of his lover’s apartment window to hide from her husband. So after all air conditioning is great for all kinds of reasons – for heating when you are cold, for cooling when your warm and indeed for Romeo’s hiding place.

If you want advice on which system to install for your needs give us a call, but please do not ask for advice on Romeo’s unit.