Top 5 things to consider when buying an Air Conditioning Unit

Top 5 things to consider when buying an Air Conditioning Unit


Air conditioners do vary in price depending on the specification required. A sophisticated system might cost more than a window-mounted air conditioner.

Though despite the initial investment you must consider the benefits of such systems. Air conditioning systems are accepted to have significant environmental and economic saving. Over time the system will justify itself as it will service its purpose, and consume less energy.


Large air condition systems are more efficient in servicing the purpose. But we should also consider the space we need to service – at Be Cool Refrigeration we will carry out detailed computation to determine the power required, ensuring energy is not wasted.

The power of an air conditioner is dependent on many factors though it can be assumed that you’ll require around 20 BTUs (British Thermal Units) per square foot. Other factors will need to be accounted for such as number of occupants, sunlight, and any other sources of heat.

Installation Distance

The performance of an air conditioning system is dependent on the length of tubing required. The longer the duct/ piping between the indoor and outdoor condenser unit the higher inefficiency.

Thus, the installation distance is mainly dependent on the physical makeup of the building. To maximise performance, you must seek to install the unit as close as possible or increase the power to account for the efficiency loss.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety in the working environment is key to employees’ wellbeing and is a legal requirement. The temperature in the room must be controlled and the benefit of an air condition system is it can be used for both cooling and heating. You may set your room temperature and the air conditioner will automatically accommodate this. However, to ensure the system is functioning to its maximum potential, you’ll need to service it regularly.


Air conditioners can be noisier than others. Generally speaking, this is because they’re less efficient and therefore the fan must work longer to service the required temperature. However modern Inverter systems will have low ‘dbA’ and therefore are adequate for commercial and domestic use.