Air Conditioning System Installation – Choosing Your Air Conditioning System

Air Conditioning System Installation – Choosing Your Air Conditioning System

The benefits of installing an inverter air conditioning unit extend from increased cooler capacity to energy efficiency. Its low energy consumption and low carbon emission in comparison to conventional methods, makes a very cost effective investment.

Though choosing the right system for your needs is not always easy. This why Be Cool aims to introduce the different systems available.


Split Systems – Wall-Mounted and Cassette

This is an ideal air conditioner for small businesses such as restaurants, pubs, and small local shops. It is also an attractive solution for commercial properties and small retail shops. The system can serve your space effectively and provide comfortable environment.

The system is relatively more cost effective in comparison to a Multi split or Central Systems. However, the system needs enough space outdoor for each indoor unit.

Multi Split

Multi Split or Central Systems

Multi split or central air conditioning systems are highly acquired in the commercial sector. Depending on the model acquired by the business, up to 9 indoor units can be connected to a single outdoor unit. This is ideal for businesses that are seeking a central control for multiple indoor units. This system is installed in restaurants, offices, and small centres.

This system provides a solution for medium businesses with a dependency on air conditioning for heating and cooling the premises. In addition, it is very attractive when the outdoor space is restricted.

VRF/ VRV Air Conditioning Systems

VRF and VRV air conditioning is the system recommended for large premises such as hotels, warehouses, large buildings, and centres. VRF (variable refrigerant flow) and VRV (variable refrigerant volume) mean the same thing. Daikin is this VRV technology original developer which is protected by the manufacturer. Thus, other companies refer to this system as VRF.

This is an ideal cost-effective solution for large developments. It can be used to heat and cool the place removing the need for boilers and inefficient conventional heating methods.

The system is very efficient and reliable. It allows for central control. However, the installation cost is high.