Commercial Upkeep: Why Restaurants, Pubs, Shops and Hotels Should Invest in A Maintenance Plan

Commercial Upkeep: Why Restaurants, Pubs, Shops and Hotels Should Invest in A Maintenance Plan.

Domestic customers acknowledge the importance of planned maintenance, and often they choose to be proactive and invest in routine maintenance to “tune-up” their appliances and systems.

Businesses have just as much need for HVAC maintenance as residential customers, yet they choose to opt out of maintenance plans and agreements. Instead, they opt for repair services only upon breakdown.

This is really not the most beneficial scenario, since restaurants, pubs, and hotels serve produce which must be refrigerated. Therefore, their reputation is placed under threat, in the event they fail to deliver the expected quality.

If you own or manage a restaurant, consider this: you choose to repair only upon breakdown. Your HVAC system and commercial refrigeration has an issue which is costly to repair and results to loss of procedure. In such event, no refrigeration means meat, dairy and produce will begin to spoil, so you are forced to cook everything at once or limit your stock. Thus, you fail to provide the expected service and your customers become uncomfortable. They choose to leave your shop and look for an alternative place.

All the financial loss would be more than the cost of a maintenance plan for your HVAC system and refrigeration appliances in your restaurant. The benefits of maintenance plan include:

1- Routine inspections where issues are identified at an early point

2- Financial advantage

3- Avoidance of major breakdowns and costly penalties

So why not protect your restaurant, money, and customers. Give us a call about our maintenance plan and how it can work for your business. At Be Cool we operate a 24/7 service that strives to ensure your business is always running at its highest potential.