Rivacold Coldroom Error Codes

If faults are occurring on your Rivacold Freezer or Chiller, it is very important to discover it quickly. Error codes are a great way to find out the initial problem. Error codes are usually displayed on the controller.

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Rivacold error codes:

Error code Description/Control
E1 cold room probe temperature error
E2 End defrostin probe g error
E3 3rd probe error (condenser temperature)
3rd probe error (2nd evaporator temperature)
E4 repeated heat alarm
E5 repeated HP pressure switch alarm
E6 repeated LP pressure switch alarm
LO low temperature alarm
HI high temperature alarm
EE data saving alarm
Ec condenser cleaning alarm
Er network alarm (**)
Ed defrosting timeout alarm
Od door open timeout alarm
nx slave x alarm (on master only)
Ux slave x not connected (on master only)
u0 master not connected (on slave only)
dx slave x download failed(on master only)
OFF unit in stand-by (operation disabled)
dF defrosting in progress
dFu defrosting not performed
uM master unit
uSx slave x unit
Cn terminal/control connection interrupted