Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Error Codes

If faults are occurring on your Mitsubishi Heavy air conditioning system, it is very important to discover it quickly. Error codes are a great way to find out the initial problem. Error codes are usually displayed on your remote.

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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries error codes:

E1Remote control communication error
E2Duplicate indoor unit address
E3Outdoor unit signal line error
E5Communication error during operation
E6Internal heat exchanger temperature thermistor abnormality (Thi-R)
E7Internal return air temperature thermistor abnormality (Thi-A)
E9Unloading problem
E10Excessive number of indoor units with remote control
E12Address setting error with mixed setting method
E16Internal fan motor abnormality (FDT series)
E16Internal fan motor abnormality (FDK series)
E19Indoor unit operation control unload motor control mode abnormality
E28Remote control temperature thermistor abnormality (ThC)
E30Incompatible connection of indoor and outdoor unit
E31Replicated outdoor unit address no.
E32Open L3 phase in the primary side power supply
E36Drain pipe temperature error (Tho-D1, D2)
E36Liquid overflow abnormality
E37Abnormalities of external heat exchanger temperature thermistor (Tho-R) and sub-cooling coil temperature thermistor (Tho-SC, -H)
E38Outdoor temperature thermistor abnormality (Tho-A)
E39Drain pipe temperature thermistor abnormality (Tho-D1, D2)
E40High pressure abnormality (63H1-1, 2 active)
E41 (E51)Power transistor overheating
E42Power failure (CM1, 2)
E43Over-connected indoor units, over-total capacity connection
E45Communication error between inverter PCB and external control PCB
E46Mixed address setting methods available on the same network
E48External DC fan motor abnormality
E49Low pressure abnormality
E53/E55Suction pipe temperature thermistor abnormality (Tho-S), Under-dome temperature thermistor abnormality (Tho-C1, C2)
E54High pressure sensor (TSH) Low pressure sensor (PSL) abnormality
E56Power transistor temperature thermistor abnormality (Tho-P1, Tho-P2)
E58Abnormal compressor with loss of synchronization
E59Compressor start failure (CM1, 2)
E60Rotor position detection failure (CM1, 2)
E61Communication error between main unit and backup units System error
E63Emergency stop

Mitsubishi Electric Error Codes

Mitsubishi electric air conditioning systems are very well known for their ultra-quite noise level as well as their higher savings on installation and running costs.

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Mitsubishi Electric error codes:

City Multi

  • 403: Communications fault between boards – check the details of the inverter error to determine which boards are involved, and also check the transformer, bus voltage and any interconnecting cables
  • 900: The lossnay unit is in a test run
  • 1102: Compressor discharge temperature is too high, meaning it has exceeded 110C or more, and it may be short of refrigerant.
  • 1301: Low pressure fault – the pressure sensor has detected less than one bar of pressure before starting.

Mr Slim P Series (A)

  • A0: Green LED – 2 flashes, red LED – 5 flashes, controller 6600: Lossnay units are attached with the same address – simply change the addresses and reset the unit.
  • A2: Green LED – 2 flashes, red LED – 5 flashes, controller 6602: The transmission processor has encountered a hardware error – check communications wiring and for a fault on the lossnay board.
  • A6: Green LED – 2 flashes, red LED – 5 flashes, controller 6606: A communication error with the communication processor – check the M-Net voltage.
  • E0: Green LED – 2 flashes, red LED – 3 flashes:
  • Communication error with remote controller. Check the wiring, the voltage and connections. If multiple systems are connected, check the master/slave settings.

Mr Slim P Series (K)

  • EO: System transmission error – there could be a communications fault between the I/C and R/C
  • P4: Drain sensor fault – check the drain sensor resistance and connection
  • P5: Drain fault – high levels of condensate have been detected, so check for blockages in the drain, tray or pump failure
  • P7: System error – there is a fault with the address setting

Daikin Error Codes

Are you looking to repair your air-conditioning?

The Daikin error codes will help you fix your air-conditioning in no time. Similar to other devices, your Daikin air-conditioning will infrequently crash due to problem’s with some parts of the air conditioning system. In other cases it can be incorrect installation/settings.

Advantages of a Daikin unit are that they are pre-programmed and will display an error code that is relevant to the problem.  A great way to start fixing your air-conditioning is to match the error codes below.

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List of Daikin Air Conditioner error codes:

Error CodesProblem
UAIndoor-outdoor Unit Combination Fault
U0Refrigerant Shortage
U2Drop Voltage or main circuit overvoltage
U4Failure of transmission (Between indoor unit and outdoor unit)
A1Indoor Pcb Defectivenes
A5High Pressure Control Or Freeze-up Protector
A6Fan Motor Fault
C4Faulty Heat Exchanger Temperature Sensor
C9Faulty Suction Air Temperature Sensor
EACooling-heating Switching Error
E1Circuit Board Fault
E5OL Started
E6Faulty Compressor Start Up
E7DC Fan Motor Fault
F3High Temperature Discharge Pipe Control
F6High Pressure Control (In Cooling)
H0Sensor Fault
H6Operation Halt Due To Faulty Position Detection Sensor
H8DC Current Sensor Fault
H9Faulty Suction Air Temperature Sensor
J3Faulty Discharge Pipe Temperature Sensor
J6Faulty Heat Exchanger Temperature Sensor
L3Electrical Parts Heat Fault
L4High Temperature At Inverter Circuit Heatsink
L5Output Overcurrent
P4Faulty Inverter Circuit Heatsink Temperature Sensor