Dixell Emerson XLR error codes

If faults are occurring on your Dixell Emerson XLR  Fridge or Freezer Controller, it is very important to discover it quickly. Error codes are a great way to find out the initial problem. Error codes are usually displayed on your remote.

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Dixell Emerson XLR error codes:

Message Cause
“P1” Thermostat probe failure
“P2” Evaporator probe failure
“P3” Auxiliary probe failure
“HA” Max. temperature alarm
“LA” Min. temperature alarm
“EE” Data or memory failure
“dA” Door switch alarm
“EAL” External alarm
“BAL” Serious external alarm
“PAL” Pressure switch alarm
PAn “Panic” Alarm
“rtc” Real time clock alarm

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Error Codes

If faults are occurring on your Mitsubishi Heavy air conditioning system, it is very important to discover it quickly. Error codes are a great way to find out the initial problem. Error codes are usually displayed on your remote.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, give us a call on 0203 488 1889 and we will be happy to help.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries error codes:

E1 Remote control communication error
E2 Duplicate indoor unit address
E3 Outdoor unit signal line error
E5 Communication error during operation
E6 Internal heat exchanger temperature thermistor abnormality (Thi-R)
E7 Internal return air temperature thermistor abnormality (Thi-A)
E9 Unloading problem
E10 Excessive number of indoor units with remote control
E12 Address setting error with mixed setting method
E16 Internal fan motor abnormality (FDT series)
E16 Internal fan motor abnormality (FDK series)
E19 Indoor unit operation control unload motor control mode abnormality
E28 Remote control temperature thermistor abnormality (ThC)
E30 Incompatible connection of indoor and outdoor unit
E31 Replicated outdoor unit address no.
E32 Open L3 phase in the primary side power supply
E36 Drain pipe temperature error (Tho-D1, D2)
E36 Liquid overflow abnormality
E37 Abnormalities of external heat exchanger temperature thermistor (Tho-R) and sub-cooling coil temperature thermistor (Tho-SC, -H)
E38 Outdoor temperature thermistor abnormality (Tho-A)
E39 Drain pipe temperature thermistor abnormality (Tho-D1, D2)
E40 High pressure abnormality (63H1-1, 2 active)
E41 (E51) Power transistor overheating
E42 Power failure (CM1, 2)
E43 Over-connected indoor units, over-total capacity connection
E45 Communication error between inverter PCB and external control PCB
E46 Mixed address setting methods available on the same network
E48 External DC fan motor abnormality
E49 Low pressure abnormality
E53/E55 Suction pipe temperature thermistor abnormality (Tho-S), Under-dome temperature thermistor abnormality (Tho-C1, C2)
E54 High pressure sensor (TSH) Low pressure sensor (PSL) abnormality
E56 Power transistor temperature thermistor abnormality (Tho-P1, Tho-P2)
E58 Abnormal compressor with loss of synchronization
E59 Compressor start failure (CM1, 2)
E60 Rotor position detection failure (CM1, 2)
E61 Communication error between main unit and backup units System error
E63 Emergency stop

Commercial Fridge/freezer repair in London

Commercial Fridge/freezer repair in London

One of the worst things that may occur in your house is when the fridge or freezer breaks down. One of the essential elements in any busy family house is this appliance. After all, it ensures that you have plenty more to eat and preserves all your food fresh. Commercial Fridge/Freezer Repair in London is what we are going to talk about in this article.

If it breaks down, it is essential to check your refrigerator and freezer for any potential problems as soon as they appear and repair them. We at Be Cool Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Service can ensure that your refrigerator freezer operates as efficiently as possible. We provide our services throughout the London region and may assist with business or commercial fridge/freezer repair in London.

A wide variety including high-humidity cooling systems, hydro-cooling systems, conventional cooling, and vacuum-cooling refrigeration may all be repaired by our committed team of expert engineers for Commercial Fridge/Freezer Repair in London.

Common Indicators that your fridge or freezer needs maintenance, repair or service

When your refrigerator or freezer is malfunctioning, several signals or indicators might identify the issues with your appliance. A few of the several signs that show that your commercial fridge/freezer repair in London is required are discussed below

  1. The fridge/freezer not working properly – The obvious indications that a refrigerator is broken are warm food or a defrosting freezer. If the refrigerator has an ice or water dispenser, look for power lights on those devices. Open the doors and look inside for lights. Keep an ear out for the fan’s running noises. If there is electricity but the refrigerator does not seem cold enough, adjust the thermostat inside; otherwise, refrigerator repair services are required.
  2. There is a buildup of frost and the freezer is excessively chilly – Temperature swings within the refrigerator can be brought on by frost accumulation on the evaporator coils. Self-defrosting technology is used by frost-free refrigerators, and it runs around four times each day. A refrigerator that has damaged coils. If the frost is removed, the freezer returns to normal; however, if it builds up once again, it is necessary to contact for freezer repair.
  3. Condenser issues – A series of cooling coils are located beneath the refrigerator, and when they are unclean, they affect how the refrigerator functions. A cooling fan is also included with these coils and must be cleaned regularly. If cleaning the refrigerator does not work, it can be broken and need repair or service to be kept in working order. Then you need refrigerator repair services.
  4. Compressor issues – Several things might be damaged if the motor is working yet the temperature inside the refrigerator is higher than usual and setting the thermostat does not solve the issue. The thermostat, relay, or defrost timer could need to be replaced or repaired, or the compressor itself might be broken.
  5. Water on the floor from the refrigerator – Water damage can result from both ice on your surfaces and liquid on your flooring, so you should have this issue treated soon away. Many leaks are not severe enough to spill water into the floor in front of your refrigerator, which makes them go undiscovered. To avoid this, think about removing your refrigerator once or twice a year to clean underneath it and look for any leaks. Call us right away for assistance if the issue continues since the refrigerator or freezer could require repair or service. If any of the following signs are seen to you, call us now for your commercial fridge/freezer repair in London.

Contact us for all your commercial refrigeration repairs

Nothing is more annoying than having problems with your refrigerator, freezer, or combo units, which may quickly destroy a lot of food and spread foul odors. Therefore, as soon as your business appliance stops functioning or stops cooling, it must be repaired.

Be Cool Refrigeration Service can assist you if you detect a leak on the floor, an odd noise, or over-freezing. Your refrigerator or combo unit may be fixed thanks to our collaboration with experts in London.

We regularly provide scheduled or proactive maintenance visits to maintain your system’s energy efficiency and optimal performance. Additional offerings comprise:

  • 24-hour emergency assistance
  • respond to all breakdowns with priority
  • committed service technicians

Our emergency hotline is open 24/7/365 for all Repairs and Services so you may call us as soon as you discover something needs to be fixed. We take great satisfaction in offering a call-out service with a speedy response time and first-time fix quality.

Call us now for Commercial Fridge/Freezer Repair in London.