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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Error Codes

If faults are occurring on your Mitsubishi Heavy air conditioning system, it is very important to discover it quickly. Error codes are a great way to find out the initial problem. Error codes are usually displayed on your remote. If you can’t find what you are looking for, give us a call on 02034881889 and […]

Mitsubishi Electric Error Codes

Mitsubishi electric air conditioning systems are very well known for their ultra-quite noise level as well as their higher savings on installation and running costs. Looking to match your error codes. You have come to the right place! If you are lost and want to get your air conditioning fixed quickly we are here to […]

Daikin Error Codes

Are you looking to repair your air-conditioning? The Daikin error codes will help you fix your air-conditioning in no time. Similar to other devices, your Daikin air-conditioning will infrequently crash due to problem’s with some parts of the air conditioning system. In other cases it can be incorrect installation/settings. Advantages of a Daikin unit are […]

How to properly clean and maintain your air conditioning?

How to properly clean and maintain your air conditioning? It is imperative to maintain your air conditioning system regularly. Not only do you optimize its efficiency but you also protect yourself from health problems that may arise from poor air quality. Moreover, by maintaining your HVAC equipment, you increase its lifespan, and decrease the likelihood […]

Commercial Upkeep: Why Restaurants, Pubs, Shops and Hotels Should Invest in A Maintenance Plan

Commercial Upkeep: Why Restaurants, Pubs, Shops and Hotels Should Invest in A Maintenance Plan. Domestic customers acknowledge the importance of planned maintenance, and often they choose to be proactive and invest in routine maintenance to “tune-up” their appliances and systems. Businesses have just as much need for HVAC maintenance as residential customers, yet they choose […]

What’s Refrigeration?

What’s Refrigeration? Industrial refrigeration and air-conditioning operate on the same principle: a fluid, generally water or air, is cooled by evaporation of another fluid, known as the refrigerant. The main components of a refrigerant circuit are: Evaporator: Compressor Condenser Expansion device Refrigeration is the process involving a drop in the temperature of fluids. Specifically, it’s […]

Top 5 things to consider when buying an Air Conditioning Unit

Top 5 things to consider when buying an Air Conditioning Unit   Price Air conditioners do vary in price depending on the specification required. A sophisticated system might cost more than a window-mounted air conditioner. Though despite the initial investment you must consider the benefits of such systems. Air conditioning systems are accepted to have […]

Different Types of Refrigeration Systems

A cold room is essential to many industries, when small or even large refrigeration units don’t suffice, cold rooms provide you with the ideal solution. Especially if you need maximum storage capacity and have a business that deals with heaps of produce. What Various Types of Cold Room Refrigeration Systems? When seeking to install a Cold […]

F-Gas, What Do You Need to Know as a Client?

There is a growing concern in the level of awareness of operator F-Gas legislation. Thus, at Be Cool Refrigeration we feel it is our duty to raise awareness and ensure our customers are in-compliance with the legislation. What is F-Gas regulation? This regulation seeks to limit the emissions of the SF6, PFCs and HFCs. HFCs […]

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Be Cool Refrigeration is a one stop shop for all your air conditioning needs. We provide a reliable air conditioning maintenance service in London and neighbouring areas. Our fully qualified engineer will seek to ensure that your systems are in a fully working order for you to continue in business, whether we’ve installed your system […]

A Man Caught Clinging on to an Air Conditioning

A man has been caught on camera clinging on to an air conditioning unit after climbing out of his lover’s apartment window to hide from her husband. So after all air conditioning is great for all kinds of reasons – for heating when you are cold, for cooling when your warm and indeed for Romeo’s […]