Polar Fridge Freezer Error Codes

If faults are occurring on your Polar Fridge Freezer, it is very important to discover it quickly. Error codes are a great way to find out the initial problem. Error codes are usually displayed on your controller.

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Polar Refrigeration error codes:

Error code/ indication Probable Cause
“ER1” and alarm The evaporator inlet probe is faulty
“ER2” and alarm The evaporator return gas probe is faulty
“ER3” and alarm The defrost probe (evaporator temperature probe) is faulty.
“ER4” and alarm Door not closed properly or door switch is faulty
“ER5” and alarm Condenser probe is faulty
“SO” and alarm Cabinet temperature probe is open-circuited
“SC” and alarm Cabinet temperature probe is short-circuited
“HI” and alarm Condenser temperature exceeding 60°C

Fujitsu Air-conditioning Error Codes

If faults are occurring on your Fujitsu air conditioning system, it is very important to discover it quickly. Error codes are a great way to find out the initial problem. Error codes are usually displayed on your remote.

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Fujitsu air-conditioning error codes:

Error Code Meaning
OO ID to RC Comms Fail
O1 ID to OD Comms Fail
O2 ID Air Sensor Open
O3 ID Air Sensor Close
O4 ID Pipe Sensor Open
O5 ID Pipe Sensor Close
O6 OD Pipe Sensor Fail
O8 Power Source Connection Failure
O9 Drain Problem Float switch operated
OA OD Air Sensor Fail
OC Discharge sensor Fail
OE Outdoor High Pressure Heatsink error
11 OD PCB Fail
12 ID Fan Fail
13 OD Signal Abnormal ID signal error
15 Compressor Temp Failure
16 Pressure Switch Error
17 IPM Error
18 CT Error
19 Active Filter Module Error
1A Compressor Failure
1B OD Fan Failure
1C Inverter to PCB Comms Fail
1D 2 Way Valve sensor Fail
1E Expansion Valve Error
1F Connection ID Unit Error
20 Indoor manual switch abnormal
24 Excessive high pressure protection on cooling
25 PFC circuit error
26 Indoor signal error
27 Indoor signal error
28 Indoor heat exchanger temperature error
29 Outdoor heat exchanger temperature (middle) error
2A Power supply frequency detection error
2B Compressor temperature error
2C Four-way valve abnormal

Or look for the AC light blinking

Error Code Meaning
1 flash Communication error (Indoor unit – Outdoor unit)
2 flash Discharge pipe temperature sensor
3 flash Outdoor heat exchanger temperature (outlet) sensor
4 flash Outdoor temperature sensor error.
5 flash Outdoor heat exchanger temperature (mid) sensor
6 flash Discharge pipe temperature abnormal
7 flash Compressor temperature sensor
8 flash Heat sink temperature sensor
9 flash Pressure switch abnormal
10 flash Compressor temperature abnormal
12 flash IPM error
13 flash Compressor rotor position cannot detect
14 flash Compressor cannot operate
15 flash Outdoor fan abnormal (upper fan)
16 flash Outdoor fan abnormal (lower fan)
5 sec on/ 0.1 sec off repeat PAM voltage abnormality
5 sec on/ 1 sec off repeat Protect operation
5 sec on/ 2 sec off repeat PFC surge protection (permanent stop)
5 sec on/ 5 sec off repeat Fan malfunction
2 sec on/ 2 sec off repeat CT abnormality
2 sec on/ 5 sec off repeat Compressor temperature protection (permanent stop)
1 sec on/ 1 sec off repeat Pump down operation
0.5 sec on/ 0.5 sec off repeat Current surge protection
0.1 sec on/ 0.1 sec off repeat Thermistor malfunction
0.1 sec on/ 2 sec off repeat Compressor position detection malfunction
Off Normal Operating Mode or Power Supply Plug Disconnected


Service for commercial refrigeration systems should seem like a need rather than a substantial money-saving strategy. It frequently remains on the agenda list for many weeks or months. However, servicing is a little different from maintenance, which often refers to sustaining a system’s condition Servicing is the method of protecting your system from breaking down and keeping it operating as it should.

Customers in and around London may take advantage of a variety of industrial refrigeration installation and maintenance services from Be Cool Refrigeration Services. Contact us to discuss your needs with a member of our staff.


Frequent system maintenance can extend the lifespan of your system since parts are maintained up to date with new rules. Servicing also stops concealed problems from cost-prohibitive breakdowns.

Regular maintenance not only extends the lifespan of your frequently expensive refrigeration equipment, but it also typically reduces repair costs significantly. Routine maintenance can decrease a system’s defect rate, which lowers overall costs since your system will need lesser repairs.

By repairing broken parts and ensuring sure everything is in working order, routine maintenance maintains your system operating at its best. A system’s operating expenses may be reduced and its vulnerability to errors may be reduced by maintaining it in top shape.

Check Commercial Fridge/Freezer Repair in London


Door Gaskets – Cleaning door gaskets is simple and requires only a damp cloth, soap, and water. To avoid any harm to the compressor, make sure to fix any tears as quickly as you can. To avoid harm to the door or stress on the condenser, the gaskets must be changed right away if it is broken.

Cleaning Coils – Allowing a significant build-up of dust or debris can make a unit less efficient, which means it uses more energy, costs more to operate, and has a shorter lifespan. This may potentially result in a compressor failure, which might cost a lot to fix if not discovered right away.

One of the simplest refrigerator maintenance tasks is routinely cleaning the condenser coils. Make sure to clean your appliance at least once every three months to maintain it operating effectively and at its best.

Cleaning of Drains – It might take a long time to clean your drain lines. It’s advisable to hire a skilled expert to clear your drain pipes once a year to make sure they are not blocked with dirt or mould. The service technician will typically disinfect the interior of your unit while cleaning it.

Routine Maintenance – Routine servicing for commercial refrigeration systems entails more than just periodically inspecting various parts. These systems must be regularly inspected, evaluated, cleaned, adjusted, and replaced with new parts since they must operate continually to maintain the proper temperatures.

Checking Refrigerant Level – Our staff also examines the refrigerator’s refrigerant level when maintaining your business refrigeration equipment. If the refrigerant level is low, you will be aware of it before it affects cooling or causes a problem for your business.

Other Issues Check-up – Serious problems like overheating and dirt accumulation can be quite expensive to address. However, by performing routine maintenance on your refrigeration systems, major issues may be identified before they become impossible to resolve. Additionally, this may eliminate the need for pricey replacements. If you work in the hospitality sector, it’s crucial to remove dirt build up and make repairs so that clients aren’t at danger of contracting foodborne diseases. While it’s true that everything eventually needs to be replaced, industrial refrigeration systems can benefit greatly from servicing. The downtime required for system maintenance is often frustrating. However, it’s undoubtedly the most preferable option when weighed against the downtime of a significant emergency repair.


All restaurants, nightclubs, bars, and foodservice establishments require refrigeration. It’s essential to keep your refrigerators functional and capable of sustaining precise temperatures.

Inefficient energy use and mechanical stress caused by dirty refrigerators, coolers, or freezers may result in the appliance breaking down during the worst possible moment and costing extra money.

Increase equipment uptime while ensuring the highest standards of food safety and quality. Rely on trustworthy Be Cool Refrigeration Services for precision engineering, absolute maintenance continuing service, and a century of experience.